Laboratory for Plant Innovation.

Laboratory for Plant Innovation II


The Danish business community must have easy access to biotechnology and plant technology services to maintain competitiveness. With this project, AgroTech strengthens the position by acting as a platform for test, product development and innovation through applied plant technology. We advise now on specialized technological skills, which we combine with our close collaboration with researchers in the field, but we are not resting on our laurels and therefore we are expanding our knowledge of the field with this project.

What we do?

The purpose of AgroTech is to provide impartial consultancy and technological services on a non-profit making basis. Consequently, our work includes trials and documentation. We also hold events regularly – both events for everyone and customised events.

Who we are?

AgroTech creates business development through knowledge and innovation. We specialise in providing cutting edge knowledge of biology and technology, and our staff produce unique results by combining their specialist skills. We develop innovative and commercial solutions for the food industry, nurseries and suppliers to the agricultural industry.